Can I Receive a Breast Lift Without Implants?

For many women, a breast lift can do wonders to reclaim self-confidence. There’s just something delightful about high, round, perky breasts. This can be especially true during aging or after pregnancy and childbirth when breasts tend to sag and lose their youthful, plump shape. At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, we offer breast lifts with and without implants. So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Can I receive a breast lift without implants,” the answer is absolutely.

Body Lift vs. Mommy Makeover

As we age, our bodies change too. Over time skin loses its elasticity, so it begins to sag or look crepey. Despite dieting and exercise, keeping the muscle tone we once had and getting rid of stubborn areas of fatty tissue is challenging. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can change certain body areas forever, making it nearly impossible to return to the pre-pregnancy figure. When it comes to improving how your body looks and boosting your confidence, Buckhead Plastic Surgery offers two options—the Bo

Ash Creek Homes Wins HBA's "Neighborhood of the Year" MAX Award; Finalist in Four Additional Categories

It’s one of those nights when you win big. You hear your name called out as the winner and everything seems to slow down and move really fast all at the same time. You don’t know if you’re walking up to the stage or floating. You get to the podium and hold the award in your hand. You look out over the audience as the bright stage lights shine back at you. Applause, photo opps and big smiles all around. It was a good night indeed!

Celebrating 40 Years Building in Austin: Party Proceeds to benefit Community First! Village

On April 6th, Ash Creek Homes rolled out the red carpet (literally!) at our ‘Livin’ it Up by the Lake’ 40th Anniversary Bash to Benefit Community First! Village in Rough Hollow (Lakeway, Texas). As the doors opened, the first 35 guests got to pick out Kendra Scott swag courtesy of Patten Title. With nearly 200 of our friends, vendors, partners and homeowners, we celebrated forty years building homes in the ATX in style.

Costco, Cut Throughs & Beaver Nuggets: Amber Hart Dishes about Lake Travis News

In honor of the New Year, are you ready for a few 2020 predictions and the inside scoop about what’s buzzing in the Bee Cave and Lake Travis communities? Before we jump in, I have to say one of the things I love about Keller Williams is how hard they work to keep their agents informed about what’s happening in our local communities and what our homeowners and potential homebuyers need to know. This is especially helpful in the Bee Cave/Lake Travis area since there is so much growth, both reside

A Travis County History Lesson with Ash Creek Homes' Craig Roberts

It’s one thing to live in Austin and be from Austin. It’s quite another to live in western Travis County and be from Travis County. Craig Roberts, a Construction Superintendent at Ash Creek Homes is a 7th generation Texan with ancestors who quite literally built this area from the ground up. From dirt to close, Craig’s work at Ash Creek Homes in the Serene Hills community is reminiscent of the old days, when a pioneering spirit and the desire to build things with your own two hands was the cornerstone of life.

Try These 3 New Year's Resolutions for Chronic Pain

You made it through the winter holiday season. Congratulations! We hope Santa filled your stocking with thoughtful gifts, gadgets, gizmos and plenty of holiday cheer. Now it’s time to mentally prepare for a brand new year. That’s right: 2019 is practically here! What steps will you take to get a better handle on your chronic pain management? As you walk into 2019, we recommend taking inventory of your pain levels but also your mental well-being. Dedicate yourself to improving your quality of life by developing a mindset that allows for healthy coping and healing strategies.

When You Should Use Lubricant Eye Drops

When your eyes feel uncomfortable it’s hard to focus on anything else. They look red, irritated and miserable, not happy and bright. Plus, you just can’t shake the urge to rub your eyes, which only makes matters worse. Eye irritants are everywhere. You may wake up feeling fine only to discover a few hours later that your eyes are burning or watery. What happened? It could be a number of factors from the environmental to seasonal irritants.

Treating Pain Takes Teamwork: National Physical Therapy Month

It’s funny how the power of two little words can be totally underestimated: “physical therapy.” It may not seem overly impressive as a form of healthcare. It’s physical, so it requires movement of your body, and it’s therapy, so it’s a deliberate process that requires consistency. But the reality of how critically significant physical therapy can be to living a pain-free life can be staggering, including its inclusion on a short list of viable solutions to the opioid crisis.

Checkup From the Neck Up: National Depression Screening Day

When you’re in the throes of chronic pain, especially when it’s coupled with a chronic condition, it’s common to push your emotional needs to the backburner. When I herniated my L5, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into depression, which only delayed my recovery. After almost 2 months of constant, agonizing pain, I was no longer the hopeful, optimistic person I once was. In my pre-pain life, I may have gotten stuck in a few depressive episodes, but they were temporary. This was different.

30 Fun Things To Do This Summer in Lake Travis

Lake Travis is open for business and boaters, which makes for exciting summer days and breezy evenings enjoying the sunset under your favorite Texas sky. Yes, it’s good to be a Lake Travis-ite this summer. As of May 1, 2018, LCRA reported Lake Travis is 84% full, so there’s plenty of fun to be had on the water. There’s also lots of fun to be had on land in the form of dining, drinks, shopping, live music, local events and more.

The ABC’s of Your Baby’s Developing Digestive System

Life with a newborn means you become a seasoned expert when it comes to things like diaper changes, nursing bras, burping techniques and how to turn a doorknob just the right way, so it doesn’t squeak and wake up a napping baby. Moms also know that their baby’s tummy health has a huge impact on everything, because when your baby’s belly woes are making them fussy and uncomfortable, everyone feels sad.

10 Signs You Might Be From Lakeway

#9 – You don’t leave the house without a Yeti. You always have a Yeti in-hand. Like always. You are serious about cold beverages staying cold for extended periods of time. Non-triple insulated cups are for losers. That’s just how you roll. When you show up at a public or private function — be it a concert or a wedding — chances are you will be arriving with a Yeti. It will probably be monogrammed with fancy calligraphy font too.
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